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    Donne de #lamiatorino: quando la passione diventa lavoro

    11 January 2016 • English posts, Persone • Views: 3806

    La redazione de #lamiatorino, anche quest’anno, con grande piacere partecipa con le sue donne all’evento di #justthewomaniam #ognidonnavale, la maratona dedicata alle donne a sostegno della ricerca universitaria sul cancro! Contribuiremo

  • literally my favorite view in Turin - by Ponte Isabella at sunset time.

    Why Turin became home for me

    15 April 2015 • Scoperte • Views: 7200

    There are so many reasons why I love Turin. Our love started a long time ago, long before I ended up, by chance, calling it home. I have friends for over 25 years whom I’ve met while travelling to England, still in my youth. We kept in touch. I first